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Re: Society Seems To Be Fragmeting or Declining in Standards

"the £350million per week not going to the EU, everyone knew it was metaphorical."

Bullshit was it. It was a direct statement of alleged fact that had no basis in reality. In any other sphere that would be false advertising at best and fraud at worst. I'll call it what it was; bullshit propaganda and lies.

"People in the UK were either severely affected by the EU policies"

Care to name one that's actually factual, or are you going to go on about the shape of bananas, the colour of your passport or how lenient we have to be on prison inmates? All of which are bullshit lies too.

"People wanted change - and they voted accordingly."

Yeah, that's right, democracy at work! The people voted for Boaty McBoatface too and they didn't get that because....drum was a referendum, advisory and not politically binding.

"For Brexit, the brexit bus could have said everyone gets a free corn fed chicken at Christmas, and people will still have voted to leave"

This much is true, because stupid is as stupid does. Also, I hope you look forward to your corn-fed chicken coming freshly bleached from the U.S.

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