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The lie got votes.

Unfortunately that works in reverse too.

Remain lied every bit (at least I HOPE they were lies, rather than incompetence which is really the only alternative) as much as Leave. What happend to immediate A50? The punishment budget? The soraring interest rates, crashing housing market, deep recession, run on the pound, and decimated stock markets that were predicted and capaigned upon by Remain? Literally not one single Remainer economic prediction came true, which is a problem, because that was the core of their campaign.

Remain could have ran a positive campaign on the actual benefits of EU membership, rooted in fact, rather than a negative campaign based on lies. But they didn't. In my view, that was a massive own goal, and deeply regrettable. In the vanishingly unlikely event of any re-run referendum now, or on rejoining in the future, they're going to have to construct an entirely new campaign - because literally none of it was in anyway true last time out of the gate. Most remainers STILL seem to think that no trade deal with rEU means no trade, which is so deeply wrong as to be terminally stupid.

Next time, lets hopefully have a positive vision? Project Fear might work on the Scots (both referendums), but it's never worked on the English. And any campaign is going to need to in order to win the day.

There's 4 "indivisible freedoms" according to the EU. Why not campaign on those? Remain tried very hard to ignore immigration (freedom of movement) instead of illustrating the benefits it brings. Work/retire abroad, young skilled workers to help us compete globally etc. The City have done rather well at capitalising on freedom of capital movement - at least since Cameron sued and won at the ECJ to be able to clear Euro trades outside the Euro area; and it is the City that pays for the budget of the NHS AND education in this country. Has free movement of goods done nothing to help supply chains? (Balance of payments IS important but it's not everything).

I could continue, but hopefully the direction and message is clear - Remain should have campaigned positively and truthfully, but didn't, however they still need to start expressing some positives about close ties to the rEU once we leave, because the positive ties to America (economically at least) speak for themselves (incumbent Presidents are all transient).

Did Leave lie every bit as much as Remain? Absolutely. But lets not pretend it isn't a two way street, because that is simply ignorance and wishful thinking. JFK was elected because he had a solid and reasonably true positive campaign, where his rivals didn't.

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