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"A little drip drip drip can sway people over time, especially the "don't knows". It's not new."

Indeed, those posts kept suggesting that Clinton had run an illegal email server and deleted it's contents when challenged. Obviously untrue, but left people with the impression that Hilary was dodgy. Same for those posts alleging that Hilary was no less old and doddery cf Trump. All those fake videos with coughs added. That footage of some actor fainting: fake! And after the mainstream media made much of how Trump holds onto the railing as he descends from his aeroplane: another paid actor resembling Clinton "tripping" as she boarded a plane. So fake, so obvious. Just like the lies doing the rounds that Obama deported 2.5million illegals. And all that video footage where prominent Democrats called for secure borders, the recognition of Jerusalem as Isreal's capital, all fake. But it was probably enough to convince some folk that Trump was worth a go.

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