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"Trump made a few explicitly clear election promises/threats "

Which are quite similar to those made in 1928. I'm still waiting for Kristallnacht and the purging of the judiciary but it will come.

Many people have been commenting about similarities between the Science-Fiction series "V" and recent events in the USA - there's a reason for that: It's actually an adaption of a 1935 book called "It Can't Happen Here" where the bad guys were made into flesh eating aliens to make it more believable to a US audience. (

In further "life imitating art" events, it's worth noting that "I really don't care" was the slogan of the italian fascist stormtroopers between WW1 and WW2. The town where they got started was Novo Mesto - then part of Italy - and where the woman now known as Melania Trump was born. The odds of her NOT knowing about that association are slim to negligable.

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