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My AI’s called Telex.

Having spent some time in hospital recently, as a victim of a weird spider/insect bite. The only successful process was the triage, driven by an ex-military doctor in trainers.

I was paying attention as well. The whole set up needs root and branch process analysis review. The administration is antiquated, slow and run by luddites, who haven’t a clue and fallen for the most basic of comercial tricks, such as decade long contracts, which you have to pay to end and such-like.

I even spent time in psych-ward, the most pythonesque experience, you can imagine, being chased around by women with no pants on. What do you do for a living? Wow, and you talk to your phone! You’re clearly bonkers and are making it up! What I’ve never met you before!? It’s ok the junior idiot is back in on Monday they understand technology...

There are so many areas for efficiency gains and costs savings.

To give you one example alone, it was quicker to find the ECG department on my own, get a scan and take the results back to the funny ward, rather the wait another day for the orderly had wheel-chaired my there and back and hand-delivered the results the next day.

I walked out at the first opportunity when the door was unlocked, before the results were processed and whatever my release from the unit is actually called. #oneflewoverthecuckoosnest

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