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Anyone arguing whitespace vs block delimiters is really missing the point -- these are both compromise solutions for coding in plaintext on memory-limited machines.

Modern computers handle block nesting in much more sophisticated ways -- think XML.

Take a look at Stride, an educational programming language based on Java.

The editor is "frame-based", meaning all the block delimitation is implicit, and it's damn near impossible for a coder to mix up the flow control.

It's also impossible to commit any syntax errors, as starting a line with if, while etc leads to a template being presented with all possible slots presented as text boxes, so you can only put something where it's permissible.

Better still, you no longer have to type full commands, with a single keystroke indicating the line's key function: "=" for assignment, "i" for if, "w" for while etc.

It's quicker to code than standard java, it's less bug prone than standard java, and it's made up almost entirely of keyboard shortcuts, and because it saves as XML, you technically could edit it in plaintext if you wanted. It seems to be everything programmers want... so why aren't programmers picking up on it?

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