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I agree that visual programming is very limited.

I think the future of code is in frame-based programming. Check out the Stride programming language used in the Greenfoot and BlueJ educational IDEs. It's designed to let you develop traditional line-paradigm code more efficiently by reducing the number of keystrokes and making syntax errors impossible and scope errors rare.

Every type of code statement has a limited range of possible syntaxes, so Stride turns each statement type into a template where you fill in the boxes. As an educational programming language, Stride maps to a subset of Java, and any Java code can be called from Stride.

It also renders the block delimiters vs meaningful whitespace debate moot, as blocks, scopes and indentation are handled by the editor automatically as the programmer is no longer dealing with plaintext.

I think this frame-based paradigm has real potential to change coding practices in a way visual coding never really did.

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