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The concept is so common it's almost a cliche in America: when you want to illegally collude with a foreign government, you do so explicitly at public rallies where cameras are rolling and the press is in attendance. This gives you the ultimate alibi, because nobody would believe that you organized a coordinated attack live and in real time over broadcast news. Why bother with cut-outs and bagmen when you can just directly communicate with your co-conspirators on the TV?

For my brethren and sisteren across the pond, y'all have the wrong end of the stick here. After some 70 years of hot and cold war, America and Russia have found they have more in common than otherwise. We're coming up on 30 years since the Big Red Menace became just another mostly stable semi-corrupt nation. The U.S. is rapidly running out of money to spend and fucks to give in overseas adventurism. Trump is a lot of things - some good, some bad - but primarily he is indicative of a new wave of American politics that is weary of the old order.

According to all news sources available to the average American citizen, the entire world hates the U.S. with a suicidal passion. This conflicts with the average American citizen's awareness that every shitkicker from the rest of the third world wants to come here and stay. Not many people can relate to being the most hated prom queen in history, but that's more or less how Americans see themselves on the world stage. (The former candidate for this role was the British Empire. Did you you want to talk about the Falklands?)

Where my friends in Blighty gripped the wrong stick-end is how we feel about Russia these days. We don't have the same fright of Russians circa 1983. Russians are looking out for their own interests. This is understandable, and when their interests intersect our own, we're in favor of them. We are completely confounded by England and the British Isles succumbing to an outside authority.

(This confusion is entirely explained by our 2nd Amendment. When your rights are abused, shooting the jackhole what abused them is the only scalable means that works.)

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