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Well let's assume he's right and the Russians found some heretofore undiscovered stuff on Hillary they planned to unleash or use as leverage after she won the election. Wouldn't it be smart to have a backup plan and also find some stuff on Trump to unleash or use as leverage should he win the election?

Trump says negative things about every single world leader, save one. Even his staunchest defenders can't come up with a reasonable explanation for why he can trash the leaders of allies like Canada, the UK and Germany but never say anything but good things about the leader of a country that is not necessarily an 'enemy', sure isn't an ally of the US and western governments in general.

It would also be 1000x easier to find undiscovered dirt on Trump than on Hillary, since she's been scrutinized for 25 years, while Trump had really only been scrutinized for less than one prior to election day. There's a ton of dirt from his business dealings out there, much of which undoubtedly Mueller has dug up but if the Russians ever hacked into Trump HQ's email they'd have a lot of dirt about him. He didn't use email, but his statements, decisions, financial details etc. would be in emails between his subordinates, and outside partners/agencies.

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