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Are we barking up the wrong tree ?

We have the year 2018, but still much of the ATM/POS authorisation stuff runs on oldfashioned big iron gear - which has a big advantage, those systems are usually very stable, reliable and predictable - unlike that clumsy PC-derived technology to be found at the heart of contemporary systems everywhere. A good portion of the worldwide ATM/POS workload even runs on fault tolerant systems originally designed decades ago to be failsafe, and since having an excellent track record in that regard.

The recent problems with MasterCard and VISA were certainly real and very annoying, but do we really know whther they were actually caused by the backend systems ? It is somewhat more likely that the bottlenecks / fault areas are somewhere in the complex networking (typically involving several parties) to be found between the card readers and the authorisation systems. We only have to look at the performance of other services delivered via the same kind networks - they are often impeded too. Maybe we need premium networks to support critical services, as opposed to the usual "social networking" stuff.

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