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I'll hazzard a guess that given the pager tech works, it'll be a cautious replacement program.

First hand experience over a few years regularly proved mobile phones were pretty much useless in the deeper parts of the Hospital.

Happily for us the NHS Pager's didn't suffer the same fate.

As fot Fax Machines. Outdated, yes. Still functional, yes.

The myriad of Staff I've had the pleasure to deal with are highly trained in their particular fields. PC skills are seconday to Life saving skills in my book.

Given the huge range of staff ages and IT abilities, landing everyone with a Fax replacement would cause more trouble than its worth in the short term. Again, baby steps toward phasing them out both from a tech and staff training angle.

Just my 2p worth and to anyone from the NHS who may be reading this, keep up the good work and ignore the naysayers. Unsing heroes.

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