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Indictment bombshell: 'Kremlin intel agents' hacked, leaked Hillary's emails same day Trump asked Russia for help

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It's about securing the West's systems, and snaring those who seek to cause mischief. ...... a Reg hack

Hmmm? .... Defending the indefensible and inequitable is the Fine Folly of Prime Fools and that be undoubtedly a Typically Sub-Prime Product. And if the West's systems are so defaulted to pay homage, grace and favour to the continued acceptance of the paper dollar as a primary means to success with the avoidance of a Militaristic Pax Americana Intervention in a Manic Adventurism, then is there a major Houston problem for the mischief will always be escalating and strengthening, and quite naturally become overwhelming.

Hmmm? .... If Hillary was a military hawk, and hell bent on future crazy mischief, it seems as if the West's systems are working just fine.

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