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Farewell then, Slack: The grown-ups have arrived


Having (briefly) used and poked around in Teams, it seems it's a fancy UI wrapper around Skype for business and Sharepoint (yep THAT beast that just won't die) with some additional stuff that tries to make up for the former two products shortcomings... It's pants and slack does the job for the teams on the project I work on BUT we don't store stuff we want later on slack, for that we have a wiki (from another well known vendor), and email is still used for certain types of communication (with a common reply being "can you stick that email in the wiki" ). So Slack is proving effective at being IRC+ (apart from the outage it suffered a few weeks ago for a couple of hours). We are forced to use Skype for business for voice (and video/screen sharing but that's another story) and we have a handy slack channel to moan about it (we HATE it).

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