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Indictment bombshell: 'Kremlin intel agents' hacked, leaked Hillary's emails same day Trump asked Russia for help

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This gets funnier and funnier. I'm sure there is one hell of a party at the FSB HQ tonight. Hillarys email server was the GRU operation (it was nt even hacking as the server was network naked for the first few months after she became SecState) and the DNC server was a FSB operation (a trivial hack). According to the filtered noise about the subject of who did what to whom. And when.

The only open question about who had access to Hillarys email server, and States network and a big chunk of the WH one too, was who were the other four countries who also compromised her email server. Apart from the GRU that is. PRC, Israel and Cuba seem like the first three but my money would be Iran for the fourth spot. PRK maybe. The WH shoveling billions at Iran in airplanes in the middle of night might now be explained.

What was interesting about the FSB operation with the DNC server was just who they leaked information about in the election run up. Lots of juicy stuff but nothing directly about Hillary. They were keeping that for after she won the election. It was not just the BBC et al who were surprised she lost. The Russians were too it seems. The FSB operation was shaped so as to keep all the really compromising stuff secret until Hillary was safely in the WH when it could be used for maximum leverage.

Thats how these games are played. No point leaking the good stuff if it can be used to better effect later on when the target is in power.

In the end we will only find out most of the details when the memoirs come out in a few decades and can disentangle all the XX ops by all sides that are deliberately muddying the water. Just as it always is.

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