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In my experience, working for a mental health trust, there was a lot of resistance to changing from fax to email. There were the obvious pitfalls with unattended fax machines, so they were in locked offices that were designated 'safe harbours'. If you didn't have a key you needed to find an accessible fax machine to get your documents sent to.

And the reason the like faxes so much?

Entirely down to deprivation of liberty safeguards. I mean, we had a handcuff policy, a lot of people were in our hospitals because they were sent there by a judge. Roll forward to the benefits of emails over faxes .... they don't need to go to a locked room, where they lie until they are discovered. You can put business rules around an email and direct it to more than one recipient,

And the downside with email? It doesn't work if the networks down (also true of T38 fax over IP), when a fax is sent it goes directly to the recipient machine. Sending it isnt possible if receiving it isn't happening at the same time, faxes are transactional, email is store and forward, if somethings broken with email the sender may not know for days, weeks, if at all, that it wasnt delivered.

AC cos.

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