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joke, well I wish i was.....

I have spondylitis and need some quite powerful pain killers which includes tramadol and morphine patches. Both are controlled drugs and the way prescriptions are issued for them is a PITA.

Most of the meds I need, I order them online via the patient access app. Its issued electronically to the pharmacy and 2 days after its ordered a nice man delivers them for me. Except for the patches... I have to tell the delivery man there's a CD prescription to pick up from the doctors, who will pick it up, take it to the pharmacy, then it will be delivered.

There is no way for the pharmacy to be informed that a CD prescription needs to be collected, unless after I order my prescription, wait 2 days, then phone the chemist to tell them to pick up .

I was talking to the delivery driver about the idiocy of it and he told me that if yo do not have a nominated pharmacy your doctors can FAX a prescription, but if its a CD prescription, even a fax is not good enough.....

eat this...well If I dont eat my tablets my back feels like the trinity test site !!

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