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"DOS’s 640k RAM limit"

Assuming you mean the MS-DOS/PC-DOS twins, they didn't actually have a 640K limit. They could use all the contiguous memory that you could give them. Really. Look it up. The actual limit was in the hardware. IBM, in it's infinite wisdom, decided to put the system ROM at the top of memory. Had they put it at the bottom, DOS would have be able to use as much memory as the CPU could address.

And it wasn't really 640K, it was more like 704K, if you knew what you were doing. Later, memory tricks allowed up to about 720K, later still around 950K. I find it absolutely amazing that the "640K DOS limit" piece of incorrect trivia is still being parroted as fact after all these years ...

On the other hand, I personally remember Steve Jobs saying that "128K ought to be enough for anybody", at a meeting of the Homebrew Computer Club in late 1983, as he was demonstrating the original 128K Mac, just before the public unveiling. At the time, he had a point ... people were running flight simulators in 64K!

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