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You should not have asked for that. Perl has crawled off, but it's crawled off into the abyssal void beneath the world we know where it waits, surrounded by an uncountable[*] host of chittering things, waiting, waiting for the time to be right to rise again and destroy this transient thing we call the world. Even now, in the machine room late at night I catch glimpses of unspeakable things and see the trails of slime on the racks: I no longer dare look under the false floor as I know what waits there. Very soon now we will die, horribly screaming as we are slowly eaten from within. And then our world will be a memory and shortly not even that: what remains will be darkness, and Perl, as there once was and as there always will be. As there always should have been.

[*] You understand of course what I mean by 'uncountable': there are more of them than there are rationals. I know this because I have seen them.

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