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I like Python and C

What I don't understand is why a language allows you to do things in two different ways (a python one liner or spread over multiple lines) and the Police at StackOverflow tell you how wrong you are when you write Python in a C style, and in fact belittle you, when since it works is good code.

Coming from a C background some of the Python List comprehension stuff confuses me so I avoid it. Those that tell me I am wrong and belittle me seem nothing more than fashion victims who probably tell others that wearing a baseball cap with the peak at the front is wrong. If writing Python in a C style is so wrong why does it work in Python. Seems like the developers themselves didn't know what they wanted.

The style Police who show themselves in StackOverflow are clearly demonstrating the problems Python PEPs will have now that their dictator has gone. With a dictator a project moves forward, when fashion and committees come together to make a decision nothing can happen without a style war and bloodshed.

I like Python because I can pick and choose how I write code, and have flexibility. There's nothing better nor easier than writing (something that could be a one liner) over multiple lines so a simple print statement can be inserted as an extra (if condition, print the state at this point) that can be removed later. Then once happy I can combine into a one liner if I choose. Show this development code to a Python fashion victim mid way through development and you'll get lambasted as a dim wit.

We are already at the stage where a PC needs two versions of Python, where loads of modules that worked perfectly ceased development and then no longer work with Python3. The way Python is going (may go) it'll repeat the Python2 to Python3 problem with Python4 or 5

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