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Python creator Guido van Rossum sys.exit()s as language overlord


@AC said: "Any language that depends on differing amounts of whitespace to alter the program is stupid. "

For those who have moved on since the days of GWBASIC, everybody (other than you apparently) indents their code in a way which is intended to convey meaning about it.

Differing amounts of white space alter the meaning of programs in all programming languages - in the eyes of the programmer for whose benefit those visual cues are present. The fact that in most programming languages indentation level doesn't alter the meaning of the program in the "eyes" of the compiler is a major problem.

The Python compiler reads code the same way that a human would and derives meaning from the indentation level similar to how a human would. That eliminates whole classes of errors which would derive from humans reading it one way and the compiler reading it another. And once the compiler uses the same cues that the programmer does the block tokens become redundant and can be eliminated.

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