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Python creator Guido van Rossum sys.exit()s as language overlord

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Too bad. I've chatted with Guido twice and he is really a very nice, unassuming person. And you can tell that he is also quite engineer-curious - him and his posse got sidetracked wondering about snow load vs roof slope (or something like that). Just geek-ish fun, not at all business types.

PEP 572? I took a short look at it and didn't get till I saw what @Thames had posted. I have wished in the past to reuse filter-side expression. It's nice, maybe a bit syntaxic sugar rather than core need. If it's really expensive computation you can always do it in 2 lines.

result = [f(x) for x in input]

result = [x for x in result if x]

I guess maybe the pushback was concern that too much special casing of stuff and symbols ends up PERL-ing things up?

Suppose it's all for the best though - the language will need to transition to another governance one of these days anyway.

BTW, for those who just don't get it: liking Python does not mean a dislike of C. Quite the opposite, matter of fact.

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