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East Midlands network-sniffer wails: Openreach, fix my outage-ridden line

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About six years ago, noisy line, intermittent broadband. the end of the drive for three neighbouring houses dug up, bit of road dug up, neighbours extremely pissed off. Grass verge outside my house dug up, end of my drive dug up. Fault eventually found with cable running through a mass of tree roots, fault 'fixed'

About three years ago changed ISP / voice provider, a few weeks later noisy line / no dialtone intermittent broadband, 'fixed' by an openreach contractor allegedly 'Skanska' (see below)

Two years later changed provider, a month later noisy landline/no dialtone and intermittent broadband. TEN MONTHS to fix involving FIFTEEN OPENREACH visits. Fault eventually traced to a bad termination in the cabinet, the only one it passes through back to the exchange. The same cabinet openreach had 'checked' many times. Broadband provider eventually gave me a years 'free' broadband with the landline rental

A few months ago, as the 'free' deal ran out I changed provider again, a month later, no dialtone intermittent very low speed broadband. Clear case of one leg disconnected

Four days after reporting to my ISP a noisy landline and nothing happening they denied me ever mentioning a faulty landline. Despite having the phone in the test socket in the back of the NTE then I was read the riot act about the Openreach charge.

Over two weeks to fix involving two excavations , eventually revealing the substandard 'repair' from a few years before (jelly crimps to patch in a scrap piece of cable with the joints simply protected by a plastic bag and then direct buried with zero mechanical protection) Fault clearly outside my boundary

All cabling is copper and underground, much of it NOT in ducts, no FTTC for half a dozen cabinets nearby despite many other being served, a recent update on the Openreach site says this:

"Your area is currently in our plans to be upgraded with Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), however we follow a different design and build process for FTTP so you won't see updates at each stage. Once the engineering work is completed there is a commissioning period of up to eight weeks before an order can be placed. When you are able to place an order you will see the Accepting Orders message. "

To complicate things further the pavements have in the last year all been stripped back and relaid which now means a five year 'official' moratorium on any disturbance (the current disturbance count for 200 metres of road and 400m of pavement is three BT faults. two water main bursts and a gas leak in less than 12 months)

Just wonder if fibre will ever be permitted here, if it will be laid in ducts and if it will actually give an improvement in reliability.

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