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Re: 2.45 GHz and 5 GHz used for Wi-Fi are license-free Industrial, Scientific & Medical bands. They can be full of noise...

Agreed, however, that wasn't what I was seeing: my analyzer showed a clean spectrum, just every AP starting transmitting, increasing signal to full power, holding it for a short while before turning off/dying. As my AP was also one going through this cycle, I could confirm the problem wasn't related to power or DSL line events (or malware as did a full factory reset on my router). Unfortunately, I didn't have a WiFi protocol analyzer to hand and so couldn't see if the effect was being caused by a 'rogue' AP (*). I'm also confident that noise wasn't the cause as I didn't see AP's auto channel hopping in an attempt to find a less noisy channel.

(*) I suspect this was possibly the cause, as in a final test I turned on my ancient b/g+3G backup router

which proceeded to work normally and within 24 hours the others stopped failing...

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