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A good few years ago I did the occassional work for Spitfire and had a call saying that a client had lost his broadband.. Also, the phone wasn't behaving too well! Spitfire said everything appears to be working OK at their end, would I pop round and have a look.

Popping round was a 30 mile drive to 'out in the country'.

The client is inbetween two small villages and both the phone and broadband were important for work.

As it happens they have two phone lines, one for the phone and the other for the broadband, both were provided by Spitfire. After checking all the connections in the house and trying another router I still had no flashing lights.

On a whim I swapped the router over to the phone line and vice versa.

Bingo. Flashing lights and the phone is OK. However as a solution it was no good as the broadband line number was unknown to anyone anymore.

Called Spitfire to say that I had it sussed - the phone and the broadband lines had swaqpped numbers.

Rubbish came the reply- that can't happen.

Ok you phone me on the broadband number - sure enough ring ring.

Now I'm plugging the phone into the phone line - call again. Silence.

It can't happen - am I sure that the master sockets are OK?

2 of them firmly screwed to the window-sill with their numbers clearly marked.

After a bit more to-ing and fro-ing Spitfire agreed that something untoward had happened and that BT will have a look at it. Can I be there in the morning please.

Next day the BT man arrived at the same time as me. It took him no time at all to verify that the numbers had indeed been reversed. Would I stay in the house while he went to find the nearest cabinet. Nothing wrong there - except that the numbes are reversed. He's going to have to go to the exchange - about 15 miles away.

About half an hour later he calls to say that for some reason, the modules (?) for the numbers are reversed in the rack. Someone has taken them out and put them back in the wrong places. (Well that's what he said),

He said he would be back up to the house in about 30 minutes to collect the kit he had left across the lines. Would I wait until he got there.

Over an hour later he arrived apologising for the problem and also for the delay in getting back - he'd only crashed his van.

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