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East Midlands network-sniffer wails: Openreach, fix my outage-ridden line

Da Weezil

Ive had issues with this line all the way back to dial up. They can see it has periods where it disconnects repeatedly but are not bothered, according to an engineer one problem here is that they have no spare good pairs in the trunk that feeds my place and dont plan to replace anything. despite the new build down the road whewre I hear they have huge issues.

Should I be charged for reminding them that the line keeps dropping for no apparent reason? I wont bore you by pointing out that I've changed everything several times over in my 20 years here, and in that time every other property has changed hands (as mine is about to). But each time we have a period of repeated drops I feel they should be pestered as they are in effect charging my isp for a crap service.

I wont even mention the fight I had to get refunded for a visit where they actually found an issue that required exchange work - for which they still billed me. for far too long they have been able to pal us off with low quality lines that have defects which they refuse to fix properly, and outside of cable areas you are pretty much stuffed if you dont go with openjokes wet string nOtwork.

Openjoke are protected by the stupid rules that prevent us from direct access to them.

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