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Logic and engineering don't always work

I was able to provide BT and the County Council (as it was they who were handling the BDUK money) with a whole sheaf of diagnostics, which basically said the pre 1930's cable from the exchange to our village (paper insulated wires!) was completely shite, even for voice; the 1950-60's cable was crap and the 1980's cable might get 5-8Mbps after a spell of dry weather. We even showed how the 1980's cable fed line unit was where people were put when they complained - at the expense of someone who was already on there!

My village and two adjacent ones topped the County Council consultations as to who wanted their broadband upgraded by a huge margin and I even had meetings with the BT East Midlands Sales Manager.

Do you think that it helped at all? Of course not! The money was spent on a waterside development in the middle of Northampton. Engineering proof and public support are still not a match for BT and County Councils.

We went our own way in the end and got an outside company Gigaclear in to provide Fibre to the Premises to our 4 local parishes. When the County Council person in charge of the fibre roll out turned up to the launch of our privately funded scheme I nearly lumped him one!

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