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Hate to say this, but....

After similar lengthy problems with Plusnet/Openreach I sent an email directly to Clive Selley, Openreach CEO. He answered me personally within 10 minutes, apologised and set in motion a fix, I was then contacted by one of his team to oversee the work required. Problem was fully resolved a few weeks later. Fast forward a few months, relative told me they were having a nightmare with Plusnet over degraded overhead lines causing them and their neighbours to go off every time it rained, Plusnet dragged their heels blaming everything else. I sent another email directly to Clive Selley and again he answered personally, I provided further details, his team then got in touch with my relative, an Openreach team were out within 2 weeks to replace the rotten pole and brand new lines to every house on it. The laughable thing was Plusnet had to contact us to get an update! It may not be the correct process but it worked! His email address is freely available via search engine. I believe Clive is a no nonsense person, having worked his way up through BT to the top. Certainly, in all my dealings with him he has been very approachable and apologetic for the issues, a few cages were also clearly rattled at Plusnet for their utter incompetence resulting in a selection of Plusnet branded chocolate bars arriving unannounced as well as financial compensation for the loss of service. I'm not saying that everyone should start emailing Clive as that would obviously shut down a very effective last resort option but if you are at that stage like we were, I would give it a bash.

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