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Ditch the BT hubs ...

Since being upgraded to fibre I was getting outages every day. The BT hub was then taking 5 to 10 minutes to reconnect. Was on a HUB5 and then supplied with 3 HUB6's over some months. All to no avail. I'd even dropped the analogue phone and just pluged the hub in direct. Currently there is a Netgear hub on the line, the analogue side is connected back up, and I've not seen a dropout I can't explain. 30 days clean before re-plugging the analogue gear, and another 24 days clean since. The annoying thing here is that BT paid for the Netgear unit early on because their original installation engineer did not know the hub I was using then would not work with fibre! SO I had to go out late on a Friday to buy something to get the line working again! Should have just ditched the BT hub when it arrived ...

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