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East Midlands network-sniffer wails: Openreach, fix my outage-ridden line


It could be an EMC issue!

There have been cases in the past where an entire village has suffered regular outages of their ADSL signals thanks to local REIN sources. Power-Line-Networking/Power-Line-Technology is a known cause of interference that leaks from the mains-wiring with the very same frequencies DSL services are trying to use (same modulation techniques). I wonder how many in the village are using Sky Q with the PLT switched on (as it is by default!)? Poorly maintained electric fences can also act as spark-gap transmitters which generate large regular wide-band electromagnetic pulses which affect the 3 to 30 MHz HF band. Openreach "engineers" I have spoken to do not know the first thing about EMC, or the hoards of junk electronics that can cause it. They are not going to find a REIN issue with a casual visit to the end-user's home; and neither with Ofcom with a casual drive-through as their equipment is not sensitive enough to pick-up the interference!

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