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Apple have got things badly wrong?

Of course it doesn't. The devil is in the detail which is sort of missing from the report. Apple still sells lots of phones with nice fat margins and makes juicy profits as a result. But it does make mistakes in the product mix (the coloured ones spring to mind) and the X has led to fewer sales than some anticipated for a "super cycle", but where it finally admitted that Samsung has the better display (OLED), charging (wireless) and case technology (waterproof). The X isn't a disaster but that it's the first time that the flagship model has failed to sell more than the "me-too" version. It's also not the viblen version that is designed to be so expensive that only a few people will buy it.

Apple has a large and very loyal base. It also has many customers who feel they cannot leave because of their investment in apps and, particularly in music. But it would be a mistake for them to think that they can rely on this. The market is moving on from phone features to services. Apple is well-placed here because of its large and loyal base, but is losing to Spotify and needs to counter Netflix quickly. Once consumers become more interested in the services and know that they can switch manufacturers then Apple will indeed have a fight on its hands. But, no, this is not yet another prophecy of their doom.

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