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I've heard of a story of FTTH in Turkey

The interrested customer got a call around 16:55 from the company asking her if she wanted to get the line, she said yes. Around 17:00 she got a call from the installer apologizing that he wouldn't be able to make it today, but he could come round tomorrow at 09:00.

The next day at 09:00 the installer came and not only plopped the equipment on the floor, but also neatly mounted it on the wall and left. At 09:30 an inspector came asking her if everything was alright and working fine.

Bottom line, this was the slowest line they offered, something like 10 MBit for less than 10 Euros a month. Ohh and that company was only semi-legal, they apparently had no license, but nobody cares.

Source should be this:

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