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Did you miss the part where Apple sells both the #1 AND #3 most popular phones in the world? Hardly "on the way out" now is it?

No it just proves there are a lot of idiots with more money than they know what to do with..

The hardware side of Apple hasnt really offered anything new in years.

And the software is either offering new fluff or nothing that isnt already available on other platforms.

And buildings full of 100s people where a few years ago were dominated by Apple are now Android/Variant, plus lacklustre reviews after lacklustre reviews after lacklustre reviews is hardly a few of their mates

Even Apple has admitted its sales arent where they expect them, so this is less "Apple Haters" being haters and more "Apple Fanboys" not willing to face what is actually happening.

iPhone8 will eventually be unavailable, the X isnt tickling anyone's nuts and their lines up over the past years is not making anyone excited for the coming years..

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