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I had one of those

cheap "safes". In said safe I kept ALL my lock picking gear (it's a bit of a hobby of mine) including the 8pin cylinder pick to pick the safe.

Ahh yes, the safe that the batteries had expired and I had no idea where the key was. Probably put safe (no pun intended) years ago and long since buried somewhere.

So, knowing it WAS relatively easy to pick off I went to the local lock smith to be told "cant open it mate, you'll need to angle grind it!" "But there's a pick in the safe, surely YOU, a LOCKSMITH, have a pick and the knowhow to use it". "No mate, as I said I can angle grind it open". So I left.

Went home and started to think how to open it. Then I saw, under the keypad a recessed "earphone" socket! Bingo, a connector for an external battery pack!!!!

Safe opened, picks removed. Safe then repaired and new lock with keys fitted.

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