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Beat Ya'll To It!

Our Midgrid Code is quite literally some of the most high-performance graphics-oriented secured operating system code ever created! It makes Linux looks like a toy! NO LIMITS WHATSOEVER!

It's fully future-proofed FROM THE GROUND UP for 128-bit, 256-bit, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16k, 32k, 64k and 128k-bit memory addresses, signed and unsigned integers, fixed point numbers, floating point numbers and unlimited length BCD's (Binary Coded Decimals). It is FULLY encrypted with multiple algorithms with SHOR'S resistant anti-quantum computing too! All variables, constants, memory addresses, fields, records, objects, files, folders, audio/video/data stream imagery, etc. are ALWAYS ENCRYPTED with separate error code storage AND always change location in memory on a truly random basis (i.e. NO USE of pseudo-random number generators -- use truly non-linear random natural phenomena as RNG). All reads and writes to and from EVERY memory location, variable and array is encrypted/decrypted with pre-defined and user-defined AES-768 (Triple AES-256), Two-Fish and a Custom Lattice-based anti-quantum computing system algoithms (SHOR's resistant!)

To output for a specific CPU/GPU architecture, I only need to change TEN constants at the beginning of the code to make it work on ARM 32/64, AMD/Intel 16/32/64/128, Super/UltraSPARC, IBM Power 5/6/7/8/9/10, etc. It's hard-threaded, real-time oriented (4 milliseconds AND LOWER latency on our own CPU's!) and can share memory GLOBALLY OVER A NETWORK and auto-grid CPU and GPU tasks within a virtual supercomputer system we designed using our own custom IP-packet infrastructure which we created from SCRATCH for secured and ALWAYS encrypted DNS, HTTPS, RTP/UDP packets with priority-levels and anti-man-in-the-middle authorization and digital signaturing.

I can process 64-bit RGBA pixels at 3D-XYZ (Width, Height and Depth) images with individual tiles as large as 65536 pixels by 65536 pixels by 65536 pixels and overall total pixel counts up to 2^128 by 2^128 by 2^128 pixels and can go up to (2^128,000+ ) x ^3rd power pixels as CPU's/GPU's get bigger word widths. Right now we are at 128-bits wide for all numeric operations but can change to another at a mere edit of 10 constant values.

AND it was ALL written in OBJECT PASCAL using our custom cross-compiler technology.

ONLY the lowest level routines have machine code. All else is general purpose Object Pascal!

We built it to run on our custom CPU's which are GaAs opto-electronic in nature and have 128-bit word widths and run at a rather high clock speed.

It took us 12 years to finish BUT we did it! It works GREAT !!!!

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