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@ John Smith 19

"High Chancellor Rees-Moog (I think that's got the right sort of historical ring to hit for his liking) would look like a Communist state to Trumps presidency."

Communism was a failed experiment of socialism. Rees-Mogg being a traditional conservative and right wing doesnt sound like a socialist so would be very unlikely to try communism. Not to defend the guy, just to point out the mistake.

"But heay they voted Brexit by a 13/12 majority so getting them to believe actually being the 51st state would be child's play."

How is that better or worse than being the 28th state of a political block that is falling apart? At least we share a common language with the US, and outlook on law, and economic competency. So instead of laughing at joining the US it might be better to question how being tethered to the EU is a good thing or somehow better.

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