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Actually. There are more people who are starting this thing of going around - Doing to the community as the community does to them. Racism does not need to no longer exist. What it needs is to been done to of what it is doing. Discrimination shall receive the same as well. What these "Politicians" and, "Racist" people do not understand is that; people everyday build a destruction of themselves filled with Anger, Hatred, Lust, Negativity, Madness and, so many things that people are starting to react on. Sooner or later, the people will act more demonic upon these things and, the public of people will take more advantage of it. Like the school shootings for example... People bullied them, no one helped them, people disliked them also decriminalized them. For so long, people had hundreds and millions of Suicides upon these things. Now, people are fighting back. Cop killing, school shootings, killing their wifes, husbands, ex's. The world is not getting destroyed. It is getting better. Pretty soon, the people who laugh at these things and, do these things will get hurt, die, get caught in so many things. Eventually, people will end up stop doing it out of fear, or they will die. The world has been weak for so long. It's making people tougher. --- Don't believe it? Look at Americans. They pick fights with all these countries. Now, when it comes to Russia blowing up they're plain and, america takes words among it with wars and threats... Now look how it ends up... America don't want to fight. If it was a poor and small country like Korea then, they would have fought before questioning. Plus, it's not just America with anything i've spoken. It's all countries. Though, i do believe America will be one of the fewest too fall. All the Enemies, all the hate, all the crime... Well, period - It is un-organised and it's not even a civilized country. Of course it has Civilization meaning (people) but, are people really that civilized? People should think of that when they do things to others who could find where they live and, break in their house and do un-civilized things to them and their families. Yet, who knows. One cop followed a guy who wasn't harming innocent people, the guy killed the cop, more cops came, he killed more cops until he finally died... This the tragic things people who aren't even Advanced Beings call Civilized. Hell, even kidnapping Aliens who might be Innocent Aliens which might end up starting wars with the one and only beings we know as Advanced... How will this turn out? Nope your wrong... (We will surrender) as all fools who think they conquered something they never even had. Its not one, nor the two nor 30% or 60%, its more than half, and half over most people who think they understand something when it'll take a meaning like this ( Only another human can make you understand ) to understand a meaning of which is to say ( You do not understand ). Look up "Albert Ernestine" for the (Some things you don't know that you don't know). The Genius who is actually right among something you just wont understand - In meanings: If i made you understand - I can make you understand in how many ways? I can talk to you, torture some knowledge into you to show you that, you'll understand what (I'm going to give you the choice you gave me)<-- Understanding that you won't understand. But, there is more meanings to that but, hell. I don't even know. But i'd rather (Help Aliens to take over the Humans) Why? Because Humans are useless in acknowledging to obey, to respect, to honor, to have honor, to have respect. ---------------- I want to give the world every percentage of life and, everything in life that they wish to give me with a true balance. I speak Good for Good - Evil for Evil. A Doing for a Doing and, a Left Alone for a Left Alone. ---- PS: Not saying it's my desire - I'm saying it's knowledge. But, yes, i would speak of this in that form within myself also. But, ask yourself. Who wouldn't?

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