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Xen 4.11 is over a month late and its devs are mostly cool with that

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Good to see...

that they are taking the security and quality seriously.

I'd rather wait a few days or weeks for a secure, stable product than have something rushed out to meet some marketing deadline.

Microsoft and Apple often get caught up in this, if they release a buggy pile, they get grilled in the press, if they delay to deal with last minute problems, they get grilled in the press...

As a user, yes, I want to see / try the latest and greatest releases, but on the other hand, I have to work with it, so it has to be secure and stable. So I'm very happy if a company or project delays a release / launch a few days or weeks to "get it right".

Of course, even then, we are talking about software, so it isn't going to be 100% bug free, ever... But taking a bit of extra time to iron out the most obvious problems is time well spent.

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