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"People stopped dual-booting 20 years ago."

Nope. Started doing that again after Oculus decided that "the new software required Windows 10 for the best experience". Weird thing is I specifically bought the rift because it had Win 7 support.

"Having to shut down one OS to run another is ridiculous in the modern age, where you can run both simultaneously without issue."

If you don't do any serious stuff.

As you can't virtualize your graphics card with the consumer-grade virtualization options. VMware is useless for a VR-HMD or any other serious game. Then we haven't talked about video-encoding/converting which uses the GPU for rendering these days.

"Honestly, we stopped doing that the second virtualisation instructions were put into processors."

You mean YOU stopped doing that. I have no other choice. Since the virtualization options that could do full hardware virtualization (including gfx-card) are too expensive or too complicated for an average user like me.

SO, Nope. I'm again starting to multi-boot. Not by choice, though.

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