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"..As for the laptop, the main driver for the beasty was the multi-monitor support, the loadout for the devs here are 3 19" panels on a monitor arm + the laptop, Expensive on CAP-EX but it doesn't take much of an increase in throughput to justify it on an OP-EX basis..."

Ta for that.

I have a custom job at home - A PC Specialist 15.6" Defiance II (they're onto the V now).

The main driver behind the purchase was the ability to have 4 x SSD/HDD (2xm.2 and 2xSATA).

But it turns out to have HDMI and two mini DP ports. I was running the internal display + 2 external from it very comfortably.

One thing I actually miss is Citrix XenClient - a bare metal Hypervisor for desktops/laptops. The ability to boot my virtualised corp image, my own gaming image (XC could do GPU passthrough to one of the VM's) and my CentOS and switched between them with a keypress was brilliant.

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