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Firstly the NHS NOT TPP told me I could opt out of this crap. DESPITE the fact they are NOT allowed, by law, to share my data, the Police can't share my data and neither can DWP without voice or text verification from ME.

NHS communicated that information to me and I told the NHS that under no circumstances was my information to be shared with anyone ANYWHERE unless I specifically state otherwise, personally, myself, me.

It now turns out that because the NHS hired their usual bunch of feckless cretins that this information has not been properly conveyed, coded, recorded (whatever) and my information may or may not be out in the public domain which is exactly the OPPOSITE of what I asked the No Hope Service to do via TPP - whom the NHS hired.

Under British law the NHS is supplying a service to me & everyone else (for a given value of service, so far something along the lines of dev_not_quite_null) and TPP are contracted to the NHS. So here's my understanding of how this goes.

I get to rant my fucking head off at the No Hope Service and they get to beg forgiveness on their knees and pay me MAJOR compensation if my details have been, effectively, leaked to every pointy haired marketing gimp this side of the Kuiper Belt.. Not to mention this is, in my case, illegal under UK law.

What happens next is the lawyers get to look at the contract between NHS and TPP - and *hopefully* for the NHS there is a clause somewhere that says - "In the event we screw the pooch worse than the average Trump voter, and the NHS have to pay compensation, we are responsible for the damages (if within the product we supplied) and are liable to pay back the amount of the compensation to the NHS, in full". Note I said "hopefully".

If TPP manage to get out of that clause, or if there never was one, or, more likely, the NHS lawyers are the modern equivalent of the YTS girl off monkey dust - the NHS are liable to me because they are providing *me* with a service and all the bell(end)s and whistles that implies - including respecting my wishes for the disposal/sharing and propagation of my data and details thereof.

I think as I said, the NHS was a great idea, but then so was the Austin landcrab, the Chrysler Airflow and democracy - they all failed to account for the fact humans in general are the stupidest intelligent lifeform known to intelligentkind.

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