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Yes there's a difference. I never gave the GMail app that came with my phone permission to do anything, in fact I disabled it and installed K-9 Mail instead. K-9 Mail has all the permissions it asked for, I trust it, that's why I picked it. If K-9 Mail starts sending emails to third parties, a permission it never asked for, a lot of people will be very surprised, likely we'll read about it on El Reg, it's quite popular. So the only entities reading my emails are me, K-9 Mail, my email server/s, any email servers between me and the recipient, and the recipient (and what ever software they use), perhaps the ISP / government / Gmail / wife / husband / 12 year old offspring at their end if they are not quite as paranoid as me, and perhaps any nasty people or TLAs snooping on our wires...

Sigh, might as well just tell world+dog these days if its email.

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