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Since I'd opted out a couple of years back I thought I'd give it a try. Worked exactly as expected, retrieved my registered contact details (obfuscated on screen), sent a OTC to verify, then retrieved my current status (opted out) and gave the option to change. The UI itself is a bit weak but functionally it's fine when provided with the correct data that it can query on whatever back-end systems it uses.

The process around it though is poor - there's a request at the top about "This is a new service - your feedback will help this service" but no way of providing feedback is offered. So I'd imagine the complaints process may be similarly broken. And the UI isn't exactly stellar (being able to enter -1 for day, month or year, there is no UI-based anti-scraping/anti-bot protection, for example), which also makes me a bit suspicious about the level of effort that has gone in to securing the back-end access when the front end is so basic.

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