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Giffgaff admits to billing faff, actually tells folk to turn it off and on again

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"Why not see if the man at the bus stop or the checkout lady in Morrisons has the answer for you!"

Isn't that what the "major" networks have effectively been doing for years, assuming you can actually get through to their "customer support"?

I've used Voda and Cellnet (and successors) as a corporate customer and Orange/EE as an individual customer for years (since the days of the Motorola D520 on Orange and something I forget on Vodafone, maybe a Nokia 6150 or similar. Yes I'm a dinosaur).

In that time my experience suggests there's little to choose between their hell desks and little to choose between their appalling GSM/PCN/3G coverage in the faraway parts of the UK where I find it handy to have a mobile. Specifically, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, all the way up as far as the frozen wastes of Cheshire and beyond, e.g. M4, M40, M6 up as far as Lancashire, M56 as far West as Chester.

More recently I've even ended up buying an unlocked dual SIM phone (one SIM on a legacy Orange contract, one on GiffGaff). So unlike the typical commission-based double glazing/mobile salesperson, I have no vendor/operator religious ties, and if the likes of Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U were to vanish forever, I wouldn't be bovvered, but maybe I'm out of touch.

The staff at El Reg know I almost always post as AC, simply because it should help focus the discussion on the content not the messenger. But occasionally the messenger is as important as the message.

"i registered to comment on this article. Problem?"

If only I could remember the Rosie/BilliePiper comment in the Doctor Who episode early in the Eccleston era: something along the lines of the world is being taken over by idiots and all you folks are yammering on about is cheap SIM tariffs... reminders welcome.

I haven't even looked at the GiffGaff forums but am sadly unsurprised that any random Interweb forum degrades into unpleasantness (not just at GiffGaff) when all and sundry are free to post any garbage they fancy (me included, this site included, though in general this site does OK as regards behaviour and content).

My 2p.

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