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Giffgaff admits to billing faff, actually tells folk to turn it off and on again

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3 snipes about single posters who just joined - posted by ACs.

Coincidence, obviously.

My experience of Giffgaff was awful, coverage was rotten, I noticed the odd charges and at the time they banned tethering. Dumped 'em and went with a EE PAYG contract, which actually worked as sold and didn't attract EU roaming surcharges that Ofcom should be paying attention to.

The fact that GG is owned by telefonica, who also own O2, $orkplace has $large contracts with O2, but O2 coverage is nonexistant in our particular location and their helldesk are wilfully clueless doesn't engender any sympathy towards them. The point about mobile phones is they're meant to be used whilst mobile, not just in city centres. The only company with worse coverage is Vodafone and it's only slightly worse.

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