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Foot lose: Idiot perv's shoe-mounted upskirt vid camera explodes

James O'Shea
Paris Hilton


With all of the vast quantity of pix of girls of various ages in various stages of undress which abound on the Internet for _free_, this moron (apologies to actual morons) tries to take pix himself... and blows himself up? For those who really want those kinds of pix, a simple search for 'upskirt pix' or similar will reveal (yes, I said it...) much. (Do that search on someone else's machine. I did. You wouldn't believe just how many pervs there are out there...) Certain Hollywierd movies, and not just 'Basic Instinct', either, are notorious for having upskirt shots, as are certain 'celebs'. Including one near and dear to the hearts of Reg commentards. And yet he felt the need to take his own pix. Damn, but he's an idiot. Squared and cubed.

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