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What you'll find is that all the posts criticising giffgaff will get down voted (like this one invariably will)

Some people will defend giffgaff with their lives, no matter what they do, and all for a bit of payback. Selling their arses for a few quid a month.

Their 'community' is a joke btw, mindless numbskulls answering customer service questions ffs. How anyone gets satisfaction from them is beyond me.

And there are now work from home staff, they used to be members of the 'community', but 2 of them are SO illiterate and unprofessional that no way should they be employed in those positions. P & D, you know who you are! Another one is the nastiest piece of work should you ever have the misfortune of interacting with her, yes S, i'm talking about you.

Not only that, their customer base, and themselves, are quite happy to allow an openly homophobic member to continue posting on their forum, yet they banned others for sarcasm. If anyone is interested i've got the actual homophobic hate thread and posts that he uploaded.

giffgaff, run by you. As if.

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