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Yep, same company, same policy ding a while before I got laid off so my work could be done by bozos in Brazil with no training in the product I had been supporting (non-IBM per Global Services customer requirements).

When my crying manager told me of the layoff (figuring she would be next I think) on the phone from 2000 miles away, my reaction was "Free at last!" (nice layoff package 11 years ago, that is not offered any more helped...). Two tears after I took my skills back to my employer previous to IBM, I learned from that former boss (still at IBM) that the US-based customer was fed up with "communications" issues, and had the work brought back to the US to be supported by a guy I had mentored - ha!

Anyway, IBM's downward spiral still seems to be descending per ongoing chronicling by "Robert X. Cringely" (actually Mark Stephens) - look for his writings on that slow motion suicide ( )

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