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Mark, when I was in the Army and still enlisted before I got my warrant to avoid that kind of bullshit, we were supposedly going to get a visit from either the INSCOM CG or maybe the CENTCOM CG or G2 (Don't recall which). I wound up being stuck on a detail to sweep the sand. In the middle of the Central Highlands which is a desert in the part of hell (some call it Afghanistan, same thing) I was in. I ran a broom over it for 10 minutes and then went and fucked off in my CHU for a couple hours til I needed to go to the SCIF and get on the knobs and get some actual work done. Supposed General never showed up. I got complimented for my attention to detail from some 22 year old 2LT that was supposedly my supervisor all the same.

It's still better than the most sham detail I ever got put on, which was dress-right-dressing rocks at the NTC on Fort Irwin because some NASA bureaucrat from Houston was coming to Goldstone, which is on the Fort Irwin cantonment, and sometimes they'd tour the regimental facilities. It was like 130 degrees that day and myself and 15 other Soldiers are outside making the rocks look organized, however in the fuck you do that.

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