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Dont give them the slab of cash remainer May wants to , slap massive import duties on BMW, Merc, Renault and Citroen, put a 75% content made in Britain requirement on ALL tax payer funded purchases with an automatic 5% ratchet every 2 years (so in 10 years 100% UK made), all overseas aid in UK goods and services, put our own satellites up, scrap the order for F35s and Typhoons and go back to building our own, set up a commercial airline manufacture here (again) and have landing prices at UK airports treble if you arent using a UK built plane. In short, stop arsing around and realise we HAVE to start making stuff and standing on our own feet. 40 years of destroying British industry has bought us unemployment, an unaffordable trade deficit and enormous social issues. Hiding the damage by pretending that house price inflation is somehow GDP has led to major housing problems so sort that out with a single flat benefit and single flat tax. The benefit will NOT be enough to live in London so you will have to move... same as I as a tax payer funding benefits have had to move further and further away from work to find somewhere affordable. The single tax would probably be best on property .... a few hundred per square foot should probably do it with relief for manufacturing plant, greater releif if they are exporting and relief for productive farm land.

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