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"As we have discssed recently in another topic, ICT is now off the curriculum for most schools in England,"

Which is a shame, became as has been mentioned, ICT is the modern version of reading, writing, 'rithmetic.

Which is exactly how it is being treated in many schools. You don't "do ICT" any more, you "do" English (say) and part of the task is to produce a poster using (say) Publisher. You "do" History (say) and part of the task is to use Word (actually, these days it's more likely to be Google Docs) to produce an information leaflet. You "do" maths (say) and part of the task is to use a web browser to research the fuel efficiencies of cars online using manufacturer websites, then enter the data into a spreadsheet and plot graphs or produce ordered tables of cost, power, efficiency etc. This last one is something my 14-year-old has been doing today.

Once the (very) basics have been taught which, just as with reading riting and rithmetic, tends to be concentrated in what is now called "Foundation Phase" (nursery and infants, effectively), the rest is taught (in the better schools at any rate), incidentally, as a byproduct of other activities. Very 1960s :-)

One thing which isn't taught in many (any?) schools is touch typing. However popular tablets may be at the moment, the keyboard is not going away any time soon, and is necessary for fast, accurate, efficient content creation right the way through most people's careers. As I think I have mentioned previously, I believe touch typing should be taught alongside teaching how to hold a pencil and do "joined up" writing. It will - at the least - help to avoid many future RSIs!


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